How to get soft and chewy cookies

How many times have you begun baking with the intention of churning out soft and goeey cookies, but the end result is a hard and crunchy texture? Today I will break down a few tips on how to get soft and chewy cookies!


There are a few factors involved in creating a deliciously soft and chewy cookie. To me, a perfect cookie has a crunchy edge with a soft and chewy middle.

The sugar you use plays a role in the texture of the cookie. Generally white granulated sugar will make cookies with a crunchier texture. Brown sugar, with the added molasses, will churn out chewier cookies that also keep moisture better.

The next tip comes with flour! While whipping up your batter, you might get the itch to add more flour than what your recipe calls for. You look at the dough and think to yourself “hmm this seems a little runny I should add some dough.” Do not! Quite often at this stage, you may end up adding too much flour which causes a thick cakey texture. Alongside this, overmixing flour can also cause your dough to tighten up and thus limit the moisture in your cookies. This subsequently means a less chewy cookie.

Lastly, when it comes to actually baking your cookies, you need to be super careful with the amount of time you let your cookies sit in the oven. One key factor that people tend to forget, is that cookies will continue to bake even after they have been removed from the oven. Once you see the edges are turning golden brown be sure to pull the tray out from the oven. Quite often people leave the tray inside for “a couple more minutes” and that ends up being the shift from a perfectly chewy cookie to an all-around crunchy cookie.

That’s it. I hope these tips are helpful to you. Happy baking!


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