We are open for contacless delivery gta-wide. Added precauations are being taken to ensure clean and sanitized enviroments are maintained in our commercial kitchen, packaging, employees, drivers, etc.

Minimum order of 2 dozen - choose up to 3 flavours


Lindor Red Velvet Nutella

Mini Eggs Confetti

Cadbury Nutella Caramel

Milkyway Pistachio

Fudgy Ferrero Nutella

Chocolate Chip Nutella

Chocolate Fudge Skor

Birthday Cake Confetti

The Showstopper
Starting at $40 (customizable)

Minions (favours available)
Starting at $35/50


The Beast (4 layers)
Starting at $60

The Golden Trophy - Nutella Cookie Shots
starting at $40.00

Custom Gift Basket
$starting at $50/two dozen

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
wedding/party catering. Email for details