Meet the Team

We are Husain and Farhan, the proud owners of Golden Crumb!

Golden Crumb began back in 2014. I (Husain), was an undergraduate student at Ryerson University. Ever since I was a kid in elementary school I was all up in the kitchen making a mess; tossing flour all over the kitchen and even throwing eggs over my balcony at innocent on-goers. You can say the passion for baking began all the way back then.

During my first year in University, I began baking. It was therapeutic in some way. I was making everything from cookies, cakes, brownies, and pies. However, what really excited me was cookies. I learned everything online myself, reading blogs, watching YouTube tutorials, and of course some helpful tips from my mother. Eventually I began tinkering with my own creations. Then in August of 2014, Golden Crumb was born. At first, much like any small business, I had the support of family and friends. At this point it was still more of a passion project. As I finished my studies at Ryerson, slowly Golden Crumb began to grow. After I graduated in 2016, I began a fulltime position at a large Foodservice company in Toronto, while running Golden Crumb on the side.

Over the next three years, business slowly began to grow, as we ventured toward food festivals, launched new products and promoted heavily on social media. In 2018, we launched our most popular service; the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Bar. With this service we set up an elegant cookie sandwich bar on site, most commonly at weddings, and serve guests, creating that ‘live’ and artisanal experience.

At the beginning of 2020, I partnered up with my brother Farhan, who now manages the baking operations.

Over the years, one thing that we’ve held on to is quality. We hate cutting corners. We have such a wonderful repeat customer base and we owe it our strong core values. Quality and service are never to be tampered with.

Outside of Golden Crumb, we enjoy kicking it back with friends and family. Both Farhan and I are huge basketball fans. 2019 was a special year for us at Golden Crumb. We saw significant growth and we witnessed history with the Raptors winning the grand prize.

Apart from these hobbies and Golden Crumb, I also own three startups; Frontline Transport, Smoke Dogs and Saaf Juice Co. All three ventures were launched in 2018. Frontline Transport is a local refrigerated courier/transportation company servicing Southern Ontario. Smoke Dogs Toronto specialize in meat distribution and pop-ups. Saaf Juice is a fresh and exotic juice bar pop-up that I co-own with two of my friends, Roshaan and Moaaz.

We welcome you to immerse yourself in a truly flavourful experience at Golden Crumb.


Husain and Farhan


Toronto's favourite cookies <3



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